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(BLS SKILLS) Must have completed Heartcode BLS ( Skills sale price if PAID IN ADVANCE. Important: The cost of the BLS HeartCode Part I online course does not include the cost of this Skills Test!

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 Note: This is a payment site, registration is required on the website or AHA websiite. If you need assistance please email  Note: If you have not completed the online part of the class (HeartCode BLS Part I, you may wish to consider our Combo Package for $70.00 which includes HeartCode Part I, Part II and Part III skills test and the required student BLS manual (online version).

# BLS for Healthcare Providers - Skills Practice and Test (Part II & III) #

BLS for Healthcare Providers - Skills Check Off (AHA approved Part 2 & Part 3 course). Must have completed AHA approved Part I eLearning (Online) course and have a printed certificate of completion. Note: Online course cost is not included in the course!                               

Skills Check Test completed at your site (available in Missouri and on a limited basis in cities in adjoining states) or our site by appointment.


Students who have completed either BLS for Healthcare Providers Online Part 1 or HeartCode BLS eLearning.

Course Content:

Students will complete Part 2 Skills Practice and Part 3 Skills Testing.

Course Length: 


Link to AHA online courses:

AHA = American Heart Association

BLS = Basic Life Support

HCP = Healthcare Provider

CPR = Cardiopulmonary Resusciation

AED = Automated External Defibrillator

ECC = Emergency Cardiovascular Care